Cities Electrified: TRTJT Spotted

Wherever she goes, throngs of followers, thrilled to be in her presence, hound The Real Donna J. Trump, begging for a selfie, an autograph, to shake her large hand.

"It's my duty to share the prosperity.

These people are drawn to the scent of wealth and success that exudes from my pores. They can't help themselves. The selfies of today will be worth millions. I'm helping the American public to invest in their future."

"I'm very excited to give my people, the people, the privilege of supporting me as I compete in The Miss Universe pageant - which I will WIN. Believe me.  7 years I'll be at the top of  the elite world of international beauty!

A Role Model for the Youngsters


The Real Donna J. Trump greets her younger fans enthusiastically, showing them just what they can aspire to be as we continue to Make America Grape again.

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